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ALL PAWED OUT ~ Dog Care Service


We are a pet loving family, and I would love to take your furry loved ones for a walk and playtime. All Pawed Out is a family owned and operated dog service.  My family lived on a farm in the mountains of Colorado before moving to Las Vegas in 1983. My family owns or owneed pets of varieties, but always had dogs around from many breeds. I am the one that walks and trains the family dogs since I was 8 years of age. I am now 41 years old and I'm still walking and training the family dogs. I would love the opportunity to share my experience with your furry and cuddly loved ones. 

 Thank You and please have a SAFE day!


       Shane L. McComb


Reliable and Trustworthy

I firmly believe in professionalism, etiquette, and respect. I take GREAT pride in being reliable, and honor my client's privacy. While your furry loved one is in my care, I shall care and protect your loved one as if is my own. 

Hospitality Satisfaction

Get up-to-date reports about your dog's walk or other services during or after the time that's shared with your dog.

 By staying up-to-date, will help guarantee satisfaction. Clear communication is extremely important to All Pawed Out.

* Feel free to face-time during service for LIVE service report. 

     * A Face-to-Face chat afterwards, so we may be able to speak  about the service. 

    * Email of service report, for your record information.

You choose the way to stay informed about your dog during service.


Daily Dog Walking

At All Pawed Out, we have a variety of rates designed to be affordable for everyone. We also add in playtime with the walks as well. 

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Just for signing up for the weekly service, you get a one-time package full of savings.

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Specialty Services

Basic Training options. Owner gets a choice of 3 pre-selected training from the list. 

 House Calls service is a service provided to check in on your loved furry family members. 

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Puppy Lot Club

Puppy Lot Club is a community style club for those who love their furry and cuddly family members. You will be able to meet others with similar feelings and interest while having FUN doing it.

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Purebred Nation ~ a ~ Anti-Bully Community

Finding Support

Sometimes all it takes is a simple smile to impact someone's day. That one smile from you can make their day SO MUCH better. 

Volunteer to make a difference

Become a volunteer to help make someone feel alive again.

Reach out to spread awareness to help stop bulling.

By spreading  awareness through Purebred Nation, we are able to help the bulling of the youth. We are given the chance to end it before it starts.

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Wolf Pack

You can earn $50.00 to $100.00 every 2 weeks.

"What do I have to do?"

Well, I'm glad you asked. All you have to do is talk to other people about All Pawed Out services. When you are able to refer people to All Pawed Out, you will earn 20% commission when they sign up for any new service.

By have the variety of rates that All Pawed Out offers, makes it possible yo earn up to $50.00 or even more every two week. That simple and easy. As they say,

"Easy, Peasy."

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