Wolf Pack

The Wolf Pack is a special opportunity for others to earn a little extra cash by becoming part of what we call a ‘Street Team’. The street team will be able to earn 20% commission on all new sign ups of service, and also a 15% discount for any service that a pack member signs up for. Each member will receive a packet from All Pawed Out. With in this packet will be information about the types of services and rates that are provided by All Pawed Out. We feel that by providing this packet will help increase the success of earning the Wolf Pack’s 20% commission.
   Co-owner, Shane L. McComb himself will sit down and explain and answer questions with in the packet. All Pawed Out cares about the safety of the Wolf Pack, and asks that each pack member provides basic contact information. All we ask is name, address, contact number(s), and a promo code designed for you. The promo code shall be able to help track the payouts for the pack members. 

Also, an online source shall be provided for all Wolf Pack members to be able to download the brochure that is designed for the Wolf Pack. They will also be able download the promotional card, too. This way, Wolf Pack members won’t have to wait on anyone to slow them down from being successful.  


I, Shane L. McComb would like to personally Thank you, and I appreciate you for taking the time to read this. Last but not least, I hope to see join the ranks of the Wolf Pack

Submit your email, name, and a brief message about when would be the best time to contact you, interested in joining, and a public place to meet at.  

Hope to see you soon!