Weekly Rates

$100.00 weekly

Just for signing up for the weekly service, you get a one-time package full of savings. 

First time sign up for weekly service comes with the following.

 5 days at the $25.00 daily service for a week comes to $125.00. With a 20% discount you only pay $100.00 and can get up to 5 or 7 days of service at a discounted rate. (saving you $25.00).

1 time choice of 3 pickings from the Basic Training list (saving you $35.00).

A one time complimentary of 2 free 10 minute walk, and 5 minute playtime  (saving you $30.00).

Also get the promoSM1101. Another $15.00 value.

Weekly service rate starts after 3rd free walk and playtime service is completed.

That's a total of a $105.00 of discounted services for just signing up for the weekly service.

 Also gets a 20% on weekly service rates for continuing weekly service.