Purebred Nation ~a~ Anti~bully Community

  In one way or the other, we all experience or experienced a form of being bullied. For some people, it gets so bad they leash out in unforgettable negative ways that can end in death. They feel that by taking their own life, it is the only way to set themselves free from their tormenting torture. Sometimes it end with them taking the lives of those around them, too. People get bullied in all areas of reality such as from home, work, school, social media, and so much more with the influence of advancing technology.

    Purebred Nation is a volunteer anti-bully community that is to be established to help support people of all ages against being bullied. Purebred Nation helps to create a safe environment, volunteers to speak as coaches, weekly meetups to create a support group, travel to local schools to host anti-bully rallies, one time monthly event to celebrate self accomplishments, and membership in to the ‘Wolf Pack’. 

   By being a volunteer in the Purebred Nation, you will be able to part of something unique. Purebred Nation will help support those that feel that they have nowhere to go, by giving them a place to go. They will be able to find support, make new friends, and build confidence for self growth. Giving them the empowerment to break the chains that they feel that are restricting them from living their lives. Setting them free to be who they are meant to be.

    The following shall be chaperoned by volunteer coaches or mentors to help guide and educate through the activities of Purebred Nation.

Being part of the Wolf Pack will help slowly break down the walls that were built to shelter their inner-selves off from the world. At their pace, the will be able to earn money by talking to people about the service types of All Pawed Out. And, provide the mental growth to build themselves up.  

 Weekly support group will help give them an opportunity to slowly open up about how they feel, and find support from fellow people that was once bullied. It will also help set up a chain of strength, to help them build stronger bonds with others in the real world.

Traveling to local schools will aid in spreading the awareness of our community and will help inform those that need our support.

The one time monthly meet up will help build up their self esteems to become more confident with themselves.  

Sponsored by: All Pawed Out & Tramontana Social Media

Below is a downloadable file. If you know of anyone seeking support. Please, print this out and pass it on. 

Thank you and have a safe day!




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