Puppy Lot Club

$35.00 monthly

 Members get 15% discount on All Pawed Out services.

Dogs are ALWAYS invited to all community functions. 

 Please remember:
We care for everyone's safety. So safety first please when meeting up with others away from the Puppy Lot Club scheduled group gatherings. Always meet in open and public areas. Preferably at a park or a dog park. 


 Weekly scheduled gatherings at random parks for members of the Puppy Lot Club.

Be able to schedule play dates with other members, or other similar related plans for their dogs.

Help plan, host,  and chaperon family holiday events for the whole family. 

 Help plan, host, and support yearly annual fundraiser for Las Vegas’ local schools. (To help support teachers with classroom supplies that are needed to help educate the minds of our own local youth.)

Once a month, we will have family fun day. Daily adventures to places such as Mt. Charleston, Red rock canyons, Valley of Fire, and ect. Family is the most important part of life. 

Story time of our Adventures